These New AR Glasses By TCL Allow You To Carry Around A 140″ Screen With Ease

Technology is getting smarter and smaller by the day. Scientists and researchers are finding innovative ways to embed technology into small spaces around us that take up the least space possible and serve the purpose at the same time. One of the likes of such innovations is the new NXTWEAR G by TCL. These are smart spectacles with exciting and unique features, setting them apart from its precedents.

These glasses can be connected to a laptop, smartphone or a tablet and function smoothly. The size of the screen can be up to 140 inches virtually. The glasses do not require a battery to work and can easily display whatever is at display on the external screen in Augmented Reality.

The device is said to be profusely used by gamers who wish to have a hassle-free experience of virtual gaming in augmented reality. Moreover, the company states that it can also be extensively used for our everyday work tasks like opening an email, reading documents, or viewing presentations. If you wish to work or study outside your home, the device will be there for you as it does not need you to carry a laptop with you everywhere. You can complete your tasks in places where you cannot carry separate tabs or laptops or where it is impractical to carry a screen. This will also save space for you when traveling or going to another place. Another benefit will be of keeping your privacy intact as the screen could not be seen by people around you.

To discuss the model specifications of the gadget, it can be curved or resized according to the need. The aspect ratio is 16:9 and the refresh rate is 60 Hz for the display. The device is portable and compatible with both iPhone and Android. If used with headphones, it can also transfer clear sound to you. The price is yet to be revealed. Below is the video for more information.

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