The U.S Government Has Published Its Report On UFOs

Unidentified Flying Objects have always been a fascinating subject, but in recent times ‘sightings’ and speculation surrounding them has reached levels not seen for many years. Last Friday, a report was published by the United States government that speaks about the UFOs being spotted over the past decades.

The report focuses on these objects which have been specifically seen in the air around the US military area which is exclusively accessible and is airspace. This is the first time that the existence of these UFOs is officially reported. A total of around 144 incidents have been scrutinized in the report and only one could be explained entirely. The others are still ambiguous as there are two possibilities; either it is an alien-driven object or a spy object from a foreign country.

The organization, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has also profusely commented on the report and have admitted significant common grounds between their reports and that of the one in question. This degree of likeness ensures that there exists a life beyond this planet. However, there are differences in the methods of reporting and observation as well. SETI drafts its reports based on planned observations and experiments whereas this report is not that preplanned.

The Defense Department, along with the Intelligence Department has begun a thorough quest for the signs of life beyond what we know. This report has made them realize that the world must unite for the information and observations to be processed extensively. Joint efforts for this reporting are needed for correct and accurate conclusions to be drawn out. This report is only a beginning step for the rest of the research and observations. It has only confirmed the always vague reporting on UFOs. Let’s see what are the following confirmations and deductions in this arena.

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