These New 3D-Printed Sunglasses By Adidas Weigh Less Than 25 Grams

With the development of more advanced options to aid sports enthusiasts in their interests, companies are coming up with new and innovative solutions for people. For example, recently the focus had been on the fabric used to make activewear. There are now more varieties and options to choose from. The fabric is more breathable and less of a nuisance to carry. This helps the people to focus on sports and their activity rather than being caught up in carrying what they are wearing. Similarly, other equipment has also seen a surge in development after thorough research and feedback.

Recently, Adidas has introduced a new model of their sunglasses. Usually, it is not considered a problem for sportswomen and sportsmen to carry their sports sunglasses. However, with research and the intention to introduce innovation in the arena, the company has brought sunglasses that weigh as little as 20 grams. This roughly equals 0.7 oz.

The product is a result of collaboration with Italy’s Marcolin Group. It is an eyewear company that is also famous for introducing new products in the market. The sunglasses are an exclusive 3D CMPT that has more features than any other sports sunglasses.

It has a nylon frame that is flexible and has a lattice structure. The product is a product of 3D printing and the whole glasses were printed in one go. It has a rubber coating and probably the most sought-after feature is the non-slip material used at the nose area, ears, and the points around the eyes. The lens is UV blocking and is an Adidas Base 7 polycarbonate lens. The lens is brown, and the mirror coating is f silver cover from the outside.

From August 23rd, the company will make the product available to only Adidas’ Creators Club members initially and is making 150 units for now. Later, it will be available for the overall general public too. They cost 415 US Dollars.

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