These Microscopic Images Reveal The Amazing Engineering In Nature

Microscopic Images-9

Engineers have always borrowed ideas from nature since nature is the best engineer. Compared to our engineering, nature’s engineering has always been more efficient and less taxing on the resources.
To celebrate nature’s ingenuity, we have a collection of microscopic images of things that we see or use in everyday. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in comments!

Vinyl Disc Surface
Microscopic Images-1

Velcro Strip

Microscopic Images-2

Red Blood Cells

Microscopic Images-3

Dental Floss After Use

Microscopic Images-4

Bulb Filament

Microscopic Images-5

Toothbrush Fibers

Microscopic Images-6

Tissue Paper

Microscopic Images-7

Spider’s leg

Microscopic Images-8


Microscopic Images-9

Split Hair End

Microscopic Images-10

Spider Skin

Microscopic Images-11


Microscopic Images-12

Salt And Pepper

Microscopic Images-13


Microscopic Images-14

Lice On Hair Strand

Microscopic Images-15

Ends of Postage Stamp

Microscopic Images-16


Microscopic Images-17

Pencil Lead

Microscopic Images-18

Orange Juice

Microscopic Images-19

Needle And Thread

Microscopic Images-20

Instant Coffee

Microscopic Images-21

Human Sweat Gland

Microscopic Images-22

Human Eyelash

Microscopic Images-24

Guitar String

Microscopic Images-26

Foot Of A Gecko

Microscopic Images-28


Microscopic Images-29

Face Of Flea

Microscopic Images-30


Microscopic Images-32


Microscopic Images-34


Microscopic Images-35

Clot Of Blood

Microscopic Images-36

Banana Slice

Microscopic Images



  1. Me Reply

    Please publish something on how to take these awesome images – equipment, etc

  2. Richard Reply

    I believe that the image of the “BANANA SLICE” could be wrong…
    I think it is actually the image of a “BANANA TREE TRUNK”.

    But then again… I’m pretty sure

  3. Peter Reply

    But engineering is an elegant example of evolution – from a simple concept, a ‘design’ evolves in small increments. An analogy could be the creation of the Airbus A380. The Wright brothers could not have conceived a design like that – it has taken thousands of tiny incremental improvements to reach current technology. Each improvement has improved function; or economy in fabrication and operation. Aircraft with outdated technology become obsolete. New designs have evolved to fit different functions/niches. I admit this not a perfect analogy for evolution – mostly because it actually involves designers!
    But if you replace the design team with a mechanism for change – mutation; and a mechanism by which these changes move in the right direction – natural selection (In nature this process probably occurs in phases, as new ecological pressures arise), then the idea becomes plausible. I think it’s an elegant concept and well worth deeper consideration Joe. At the very least it will enable you to make better informed comments!

    Cool pictures!


  4. Umar Hashmi Reply

    Allah is the greatest Engineer … He is capable of doing all this in such a small scale and Large scale. So , we should thanks to Allah for all that he provided us .. Alhamdulillah .
    But i cant understand still many people say that it is simply from none i.e created by self … how is this possible ..?????????
    Not possible .. but Someone made this happen and HE is ALLAH .

  5. Joe Reply

    …just as we wouldn’t look at the suture and say…wow that wire just happened to form in a not right over top of a cut, we should look at the spiders leg and say wow those claws that allow it to cling onto things just happened to form in the perfect spot on the end of that appendage by chance.

  6. Joe Reply

    It is cute to personify nature and to attribute ingenuity to the universe and its phenomena. However, as engineers and critical thinkers we should realize that nature does not possess this capability. We could say that the process of natural selection has narrowed down characteristics in nature to those that are useful, however as we are in awe of the features of this natural world we should recognize that there is a great amount of intelligence and design in it.

    • Ra Ra Reply

      If nature doesn’t, how do engineers (also composed of nature)? How did an organism grow to be so learned that it calls its Mother stupid? Try growing up without everything that Nature provides, and we’ll see.

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