Every Engineer In The World Deserves To Have A Business Card Like This

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Paper business cards have become so common that they barely capture any attention these days. With recent technological advances, we have seen business cards with NFC and RFID technology which gives clients and potential employers a glimpse into one’s technical capabilities. But unfortunately, none of them can compare to a business card that let’s you play Tetris.

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Bateske Design have created a business card, called the Arduboy, that can do more than just give your contact information. The card resembles a Game Boy and functions the same way too. The card is only 1.6mm thick and has a tiny OLED screen, a capacitive D-Pad, A/B buttons and a piezo speaker.

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Of course the card can also perform the traditional functions of a business card and can display QR codes and even show a person’s resume. With a battery life of nine hours, you can play Tetris to your heart’s content once your done looking at the person’s work history. Although the card currently only plays Tetris, the designers at Bateske Design say there will be more games on the way in the future (including a Pokemon version).

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Bateske Design says they are running a Kickstarter campaign ad for the Arduboy business card at the moment. The cards won’t be cheap though, with a DIY kit starting at $30, followed by assembled cards for $50 and the ones with custom artwork costing $100. But when you think about the purpose of the business card, which is to make your first impression, the Arduboy will definitely get you noticed by business associates and future employers. A wise investment in one’s future!

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