These Images Show How Japan Is Already Living In The Future

People who visit Japan for the first time can have the impression that they have stepped into some time portal and have traveled to the future. The following images are proof that the Japanese are not an ordinary nation and are already living in the future.

Artistic Manhole

Manholes in the future will not be functional but will also present a beautiful work of art.

Black French Fries

In the future, the french fries will be black. They won’t be burnt but will be simply black.

Children Will Clean Up After Themselves

Asking children to help with chores around the house is not an easy task. In the future, children will be helping to clean up their room and schools. This will help them to learn to become a productive member of the society.

Football Fans Will Be Clean And Tidy

If the children learn to clean up themselves, surely the future football fans will also be clean and sleek. In Japan, the Japanese sports fan gained a lot of fame for helping clean-up the stadiums when their team plays.

Edible Hospital Food

Putting up with the food served at the hospital is misery on its own. However, the restaurant grade food offered in Japan might want you to get sick and admitted in a hospital.

Bullet Train

Shinkansen Express in Japan has been running for some time now and is one of the most advanced forms of the public transport around the world. It is very fast and offers a smooth and stable ride.

Decorative War Machines

When the war will become obsolete in the future, and war equipment will be needed to put in better use, they will be used as decorations in the peaceful cities. It will look amazing and will also remind of the violent past that humans bore.


People in Japan dress very differently as compared to any other place. Akihabara district of  Tokyo is especially famous for their overwhelming dressing sense. People there usually dress in retro sci-fi gear.

Adverts Will Truly Match The Product

It is frustrating when you order your food based on the picture of the product and getting a degraded version of it. In Japan, the final product always matches the one shown in advertisements.

What Bakery?

The vending machines will be replacing many long existing professions, and one of them is of a baker. You don’t need to go to a bakery or supermarket but can get bread in a can.

Land of Robots

Japan has robots everywhere in their country performing various duties. They work as a shop assistant, in banks, and as receptionist staff as well. Some can even assess your mood and can have a natural conversation with you in Japanese.

Multi-Story Arcades

Japanese are obsessed with computer games. Nintendo and Sega were given to the world by this nation. In Japan, computer games are more than a hobby and is a part of their culture.

Automated Car Parking

You don’t need to park your car yourself in Japan. Take the car to an automatic car parking facilities and leave the rest to them. Most restaurants and hotels have these parking systems as a standard.

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