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These Guys Made Homemade Fire Tornado Using Kerosene That Is Totally Mesmerizing

fire tornado

Daniel Gruchy and Gavin Free are famous Youtubers who film crazy stunts for a living. Popularly known as “The Slow Mo Guys”, you can check out their channel and see for yourself. Recently, they came up with a tornado fire concept that makes an excellent party trick for you to pull off.

They used 12 electric fans for this purpose. The Slow Mo Guys arranged it around a bonfire site and placed them equidistantly from each other. Then they lit a fire in the middle and got to work. Just so you know, fire tornados exist in real life but are incredibly rare. They have the ability to make a small fire twist and appear much larger than it actually is in real life. The giant whirlwinds of fire are quite novel in appearance and creates mass level panic among the populations.

Here is an actual footage of a fire tornado from Brazil in 2010. It swept through swathes of territory and burnt a lot of stuff in its path.

Here is how a safer, homemade version of the fire tornado can be made. To start, light some kerosene.

Allow the fire to grow and then turn on the fan

You burn a fire and set the cameras in place.

Here’s a slow-mo HD video of the swirling fire. Isn’t it something? The way it zooms into the fire and the dancing flames is simply excellent.

Here is a 4K video from the creators of this tornado including some stunning slow-motion videography. Do check it out:

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