eSight 3 Is An Augmented Reality Headset Which Helps The Blind See Again

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VR headsets have been on and about for a considerable time now, but despite all the hullabaloo around them; they have simply failed to prove their utility in a common man’s life. This issue seems to be resolved by this new pair of smart glasses, which uses augmented reality to bring back the gift of sight to the blind!

The eSight device makes use of cameras and prisms to bring augmented sight back into the central periphery area of the blind people while working in collaboration of the user’s natural peripheral vision.

The previous version of the eSight was able to bring back 20/25 vision, and now eSight president and CEO Brian Mech claims that the new and improved model, eSight 3, provides even better clarity.

“The quality of the vision it restores, and the way it does it, and the size and appearance is head and shoulders above anything we’ve done before,” Mech told Wareable. “[Users] can see pretty much as well as anyone who’s normally sighted”.

Pic Credits: wareable

The new device weighs just 100 grams and includes features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, speakers, microphone and a tethered remote control which stores its batteries. The controller has the configuration options to adjust the vision to the user’s needs. For now, the device is not able to cure people with complete blindness. But for the partially blind people, the device works seven times out of 10, which means that it is our best shot to change the lives of people with visual impairments.

“They see what they used to see what they had healthy vision, pretty much,” said Mech. “There’s nothing artificial about it.”

The eSight 3 costs $9995, which although is about $5000 less than the last version, yet, it is still a huge amount. The company is now looking to reduce the cost even further, with the help of government support programs. They also allow the buyers to purchase it on low or zero-interest payment plans. eSight has also launched a crowdfunding campaign for people to raise money and help the needy.

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