These Elon Musk Fans Have Erected A $600k ‘GOAT’ Monument For Their Hero

Fans of Elon Musk have created a 30-foot-long monument to their hero. The monument is 5 feet, 9 inches tall, and is worth $600,000. The billionaire’s head is fixed atop the body of a goat that is riding a rocket. GOAT is often used as an acronym for “Greatest Of All Time.” The monument is made of aluminum, and it was crafted by Canadian metal sculptors Kevin and Michelle Stone.

The piece was conceptualized and commissioned by Elon Goat Token ($EGT). According to reports, they intend to present the statue to Musk at his Tesla workplace on November 26 in Austin, Texas.

EGT said, “Most people thought we would never do it, but after one year of building, the time has come to bring it home to Elon.” We just want to meet the guy and give it to him. After all, he is the most creative person alive, earning him the moniker “GOAT,” or “Greatest Of All Time.”

Kevin told the local news that they worked on the likeness for over 700 hours.” I’m pretty proud of it because it looks like him,” he told Maple Ridge News. Explaining their idea, EGT said: “We built Elon Musk a $600,000 monument on the back of a semi-trailer in honor of his many accomplishments and commitment to cryptocurrency.”

They said the sculpture would be delivered on Saturday, November 26, adding: “We invite you to attend and join us in asking Elon to claim this historical gift.” We’re going to have fun for a few hours, and then all the cars and trucks will hit the freeway behind the monument, destined for Tesla’s Gigafactory. Gigafactory Texas is Tesla’s global headquarters and the U.S. manufacturing hub for the Model Y and Cybertruck.

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