Audis In Germany Have In-Car VR Gaming Now – And It Looks Amazing

The Holoride virtual reality system will be available across many Audi models like the A4, A5, A6, A7, Q7, Q8, and E-Tron, priced at 699 euros ($698 USD), roughly on par with the retail cost of the HTC Vive VR system. Those who already have the HTC Vice headset can simply buy a gamepad for 49 euros ( $49.80USD).)

The integration of Holoride into Audi Select Series vehicles is a continuation of Holoride’s shared history with the German premium auto manufacturer, as Holoride spun out of Audi. Since 2019, both Audi and Holoride has showcased their ongoing partnership on different occasions, including CES 2019, IAA Mobility 2021, and SXSW 2022, where Holoride’s vehicle integration with Audi was officially announced. “By integrating Holoride in our models, we’re redefining in-car entertainment,” said Giorgio Delucchi, head of digital experience and business at Audi, in a statement. “Through combining real-time vehicle data with virtual content, we’re creating an entirely new customer experience.” A crucial cornerstone of the vehicle’s digitalization is developing the interior into a third living space. In this very personal space, living and working coalesce. “Holoride is another proof point on our roadmap.”

Instead of running the standard Flow system software and store, Holoride provides a custom platform with a curated content catalog. The unique feature is that each title syncs the real steering, accelerating, and breaking of the car to what you see in VR, which the startup claims “minimizes” motion sickness. The platform currently has two original immersive games, two casual puzzle games, four educational experiences, smartphone mirroring, and a web browser with support for YouTube and Twitch.

Holoride is a subscription service. The kit comes with 12 months of access, but after that, you’ll need to pay either €20/month or €180/year (saving 25%). It requires a “stable internet connection,” either through the car or your phone.

In-car screens and entertainment systems have been available for years. Indeed, having a games console with a small LCD was the hippest mod back in the early 2000s tuner era. However, such features never really went mainstream. Kids do love watching Elmo in the back of minivans, but the rest of us haven’t exactly been diving into Call of Duty sessions on the road to Thanksgiving dinner.

Holoride plans to expand to the US early next year and then to other countries in Europe and Asia later next year. It describes Audi as the “first” partner, suggesting it could come to other car makers in the future.

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