These Cousins Transformed An Old Water Tower They Used to Play In Into A Scenic Family Home

The Dutch town of Nieuw-Lekkerland witnessed two cousins winning an award in 2020 for transforming an old water tower into a stylish house for their family.

Both cousins grew up in a house situated near the old water tower and enjoyed their time playing in it as children. With a strong attachment to the water tower, they purchased it when it was auctioned off in 2011, paying 200,000 euros for this building constructed back in 1915.

The moment they acquired this abandoned building, they knew they had to make something truly remarkable out of it. Their vision was to transform it into an extraordinary space. Their success was marked in 2020 when they received the water tower award for what was perhaps the best conversion of a water tower into a classy home.

At the time of the purchase, both cousins were single. However, they were resolute in their desire to raise their children in the water tower. This aspiration gained full support when they met their respective life partners. Despite managing their regular jobs, both cousins worked diligently on the water tower project, investing countless nights in the conversion process.

As the project progressed, one of the cousins’ wives became pregnant, prompting them to move to the tower. Interestingly, on the day they moved to the third floor, their daughter was born, two weeks ahead of the given due date.

The interior of the water tower underwent a complete transformation, now featuring a blend of industrial, robust elements with a natural and rural theme. The cousins invested tremendous effort to bring it to its current state. Their hard work paid off handsomely, as the house is now considered one of the most impressive residences in the Netherlands.

One of the notable features is the large, floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a scenic view of the surroundings and allow ample daylight to illuminate the interior, creating a warm and cozy ambiance.

Both cousins and their respective families now reside in this unique water tower. The tower has been divided into five floors, with each family occupying two floors, while the ground floor with a garden is shared harmoniously between the families.

While the massive water tank at the top of the tower could potentially be converted into a third house, work on this has not yet commenced. However, they have plans to create a beautiful terrace on the top floor soon. Nevertheless, the structure earned the prestigious 2020 water tower award, showcasing its remarkable transformation.

The jury that announced the award commented, “The tower’s large story-high windows, offering views over the river Lek and the polder, enhance the quality of the spaces within the tower and seamlessly blend with its robust appearance. It’s truly refreshing to witness such an economically realized, inspiring re-use.”

Throughout the design process, the architects’ aim was clear: “Don’t turn a water tower into a house, but rather live in a water tower.” This vision is precisely what makes this conversion so impressive!

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