This Shopping-Mall Bathroom Has Been Named The World’s Most Beautiful Public Bathroom

Nestled inconspicuously on the sixth floor of a bustling Nanjing shopping complex lies a restroom that stands as a testament to both innovation and artistic expression. This lavatory, which could easily contend for the title of the planet’s most exquisite public bathroom, is a hidden gem that not only serves a practical purpose but also elevates the mundane to the extraordinary.

Crafted by the ingenious minds at X+Living, an architecture firm based in Shanghai, this bathroom located within the Deji Plaza shopping mall in Nanjing, China is a visual masterpiece that transports visitors into a whimsical realm.

The bathroom’s initial impression is that of stepping into an enchanting palace by mistake, an experience far removed from the typical utilitarian public restroom setting. The journey commences with a corridor adorned with verdant plants that appear to emerge from the very walls.

This stretch is ingeniously designed to provide an immersive stroll-through-a-garden experience. However, the serenity of the natural elements is juxtaposed by the presence of numerous imposing lamps suspended from above, their radiance dancing upon the glossy floor.

Upon reaching the corridor’s terminus, visitors are greeted by a lounge area bedecked with a sofa reminiscent of a flower’s delicate petals. This space caters to those who aren’t in immediate need of the facilities but are content to wait for their companions. What follows is a meticulous attention to detail in both the men’s and women’s sections, replete with custom embellishments. Notably, washbasins inspired by fountains are thoughtfully positioned at varying heights, catering to the convenience of both adults and children.

“A washroom in a shopping mall is a public space open to everyone. It accommodates people in their busy urban life and provides them a space to take a break or re-organize themselves,” designer Li Xiang said. “During the design process, I don’t particularly want to design it as a functional-only space, therefore, we suggested putting more emphasis on the design of the washroom, so as to reflect humanistic care in unexpected corners of the shopping mall. That’s why we came up with the concept of Sanctuary Garden.”

The restroom’s design is a testament to the eclectic harmony of abstract geometry, floral and insect-inspired motifs, plush vanity seating, and an abundance of LED accents. While its stylistic classification may elude precise definition, it distinctly departs from conventional expectations associated with shopping mall or public restrooms.

Curiously, China is also home to another spectacle of architectural grandeur: the Dujiangyan Zhongshuge bookstore in Dujiangyan, celebrated as one of the world’s most stunning book havens. Thus, within the confines of this unassuming Nanjing mall, a magnificent bathroom and a literary haven coexist, embodying the nation’s penchant for architectural marvels.

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