This Community Center Made From Bamboo Is Surprisingly Sturdy

Like other sectors of the economy, sustainability and green choices have seeped into architecture as well. It is extremely necessary to incorporate environmentally friendly materials and methods in architecture and building of structures, so the environment has minimum damage from the advancement. Recently, the company VTN Architects built a community center from bamboos instead of using conventional brick and mortar structures.

Casamia Community House is built 9 meters high which almost is equal to 29 feet. The structure will stand tall against any extreme weather changes as well. It is located in Cam Thanh, Hoi An in Vietnam. The design is based on the Nipa Palm grown in the region.

On the concrete structure, the building has almost 22 frames of bamboo bracing and columns. The top is made of the regular Vietnamese thatch. The floor area from inside is around 17, 222 square feet with seating arrangements.

The building has other areas and rooms as well. They include a storeroom, a gym, a medical room, a bathroom, and a kitchen. There is also a swimming pool in the outdoors. There is a system of proper ventilation through open glass doors. Also, there are ceiling fans installed.

As far as maintenance is concerned, the company states that the roof of thatch will need to be maintained regularly. Besides that, no special requirements are needed. In fact, buildings can withstand changes in temperature like storms as well. Vietnam has frequent storms, so the building is made to resist the horizontal winds and storms like that. These kinds of structures are meant to last not only for decades but for hundreds of years. The industry must move towards the likes of these structures to promote durability and sustainability.

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