Homes Built Into The Earth Could Be The Answer To Avoiding Heat – Here Is Why

A perfect solution for combatting global arming and adjusting to extreme changes in temperatures might just be rediscovered. This is the construction of earth homes that are built into the earth, instead of being built on the earth. In most areas 3 to 5 feet in the ground in the US, the temperatures at the northern and southern latitudes have a certain range where they remain stable. This stability in the maintenance of temperatures allows less moderation of temperature inside homes that are built at such depths. Hence, earth homes save energy costs massively.

Around 5000 years ago, the same method of building houses was used. The example can be seen at Skara Brae in the Orkney Islands off the northern coast of Scotland. Also, homes in Mesa Verde National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Colorado were built in the form of ‘earth lodges’ making use of the natural shape of the ground.

The surge of 300 percent in oil prices in 1973 due to the restriction imposed by Saudi Arabia and later in 1979, the western countries moved to another lifestyle that included residing in earth homes. Besides the US, Japan, Russia, and China were also welcoming this new way of living. It was estimated that in China, 10 million people were living in such homes.

In 1974, Swiss architect Peter Vetsch built 50 earth homes with exclusive and innovative design and architecture. The first kind of an earth home is a regular home just built a little deeper in the ground. Secondly, earth-bermed houses were also designed that were closer to the ground, having fewer dampness issues than the conventional earth homes. Thirdly, another type is called in-hill where the house is located inside the curve of a hill or a similar structure. In addition, there is a subterranean earth house that has a source of light and ventilation in the center, the whole structure being very well under the ground. Lastly, there is cut and cover that is covered by large parts from ships and other things.

Earth homes are brilliant in keeping the temperature-controlled and protecting the people from UV rays of the sun and other extreme climate calamities. The maintenance required is minimal and the house falls under the green category that provides a handsome amount of insurance. They seem to be the perfect solution for modern man’s problems.

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