These Bee-Pods Provide An Eco-Friendly And Fun Camping Experience At Music Festivals

B-and-Bee pods4

Ah, Europe and its summer music festivals! They draw millions of people from around the world to their cities to hang around and enjoy in open spaces often accompanied with mass-level camping and hanging out with people from around the globe. But, the mess they leave behind and the environment they plunder is just staggering and every year the governments are more and more concerned about how to handle these mega rallies. To make this experience thoroughly enjoyable and environmentally friendly at the same time, Achilles Design and One Small Step have combined to make the first B-and-BEE colonies that are currently under operation by local social entrepreneurs.

B-and-Bee pods3B-and-Bee pods3

As evident, the B-and-Bee tents have been heavily inspired by the natural design of bee hives and they can be stacked up to four floors. They can accommodate fifty people in between. Each of these bee compartments has a king-size bed, storage space, electric lighting and other useful features that end up being way comfier than the coarse tents we are so used to sleeping.

B-and-Bee pods2 B-and-Bee pods

The innovative design for portable housing won a Belgian award for seeking ideas on sustainable entrepreneurship. The compartments have very low eco-footprint thus they are warmer, comfortable and more private than any tent you will ever come across.

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