The Weird Building Changes It’s Shape Every Hour. Here’s How

The Weird Building That Changes Shape Every Hour_Image 0

Innovations in architecture are rare. However, the Kiefer Technic Showroom in Austria breaks the monotony of the same, static structure with the design of its latest building that changes its shape continuously.

Installed in Styria, the building in nothing like any static, conventional building you have ever seen. Its contemporary design allows the building to adapt and alter its shape and layout according to the seasonal changes. The design could also be changed by the residents living inside the structure.


The Weird Building That Changes Shape Every Hour_Image 1
Image Source: YouTube


This dynamic piece of architecture was created by Ernst Giselbrecht & Partner in 2007. The building comprises of 112 metal tiles that can shift and re-arrange to create a new, distinct look every hour, giving the structure a new face every 60 minutes.

You can watch this mutating architecture in this video:


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