These Beautiful Animations Will Help You Understand All Kinds Of Mechanical Links


Duc Nguyen is a veteran Vietnamese engineer and since his retirement from the socialist country’s books, he has dedicated his recent years in making the most awesome 3D animations for young engineers’ understanding. Armed with the good old Autodesk Inventor, his explanation of mechanical contraptions and assemblies is simply amazing. He has made and documented over 1,700 mechanisms including different kinds of gears, clutches, differentials and couplings. He has made a Youtube video for each of his assemblies, and it is an excellent source of understanding for engineering students especially about the complex mechanisms and kinetic sculptures that we read in the books but have difficulty getting a clear understanding.

He doesn’t stop at that as he believes in detailed teaching methods and open source designs. He has shared all of the designs he has ever made on a file sharing website, and they generously provide an overview of his work in nice mechanical themes. He also includes detailed drawings, pictures and short links to the videos in the description. So, if you are a true engineering enthusiast, you should visit his Youtube channel and take a look at his marvelous work done to assist guys like us. It is simply a treasure trove of genius designs and innovations all explained under one roof. If you have access to a 3-D printer, you can easily 3-D print them and become the coolest engineer in the block. If you want to improve your CAD modeling skills at Inventor or Creo, you can pick a design and model it if you like.

Here are some of his best designs that we liked while browsing through his channel.

Linkage for parallelogram’s tracing.

Persian Joint

Planetary clutch

Rack pinion assembly\

Door for small spaces

To keep direction unchanged during rotation

Archimedean Drive

Friction cone Variator

Internal Geneva mechanism

Transforming interrupted rotation to continuous rotation

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