These Are The Unknown iPhone 7 Weaknesses Apple Wants To Keep Secret


You can learn a lot about a new handset from its specs and benchmark listings. However, hands-on experience is the real measure of how the device holds up in the real world.

Although iPhone 7 can withstand most of the stress tests, there are some settings where the iPhone 7 fails to hold its own.

Here’s what Apple is keeping from you:

iPhone 7 vs. Hydraulics Press

Image Source: YouTube

While Apple has focused all its attention on the innovation and design, the iPhone 7 is still not hydraulic press safe!

Watch the complete video here:


iPhone 7 vs. Drilling Hammers

Image Source: YouTube

By removing the headphone jack, the iPhone has become considerably more waterproof. However, the handset is still not sledgehammer-proof!

If you are a demolition worker, better watch this video before you throw your life savings away for the latest iPhone 7.


iPhone 7 vs. Angle Grinders

Image Source: YouTube

The glossy iPhone 7 with the latest jet black finish by Apple is the handset of dreams! However, Apple warns its customers (in a footnote) that the high glossy surface is prone to micro-abrasions. The video below shows that iPhone 7 is just as vulnerable to the diamond-bladed angle grinder.



iPhone 7 vs. Chair

Image Source: YouTube

Is iPhone 7 easy to band? The Russian YouTuber explored the answer in the video below:



iPhone 7 vs. Axes

Image Source: YouTube

Watch how the iPhone 7 holds up in face of a brutal axe attack!



iPhone 7 vs. Flame Thrower

Image Source: YouTube

No, it is not a flaming Galaxy Note 7!


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  1. Khizar Shahid Reply

    I feel pity on those who actually think that a smartphone can survive that kind of torture.
    I mean dude you want an iPhone or non penetrable crash proof super-tech smartphone that shit is impossible

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