These Are The 10 Most Heavily Guarded Places On Earth


There are sensitive places that hide the nature of their work and then there are some who just like to show off their serious round-the-clock, high-security measures. Normally the latter are government’s secret areas of research or interest where no unauthorized person can gain access. In the event of such an occurrence, the act is taken as a declaration of war or espionage at the least. So you would be wise to stay clear of them unless you want to mess with the bad boys controlling these places. So here we present you with 10 of the most heavily guarded places on the face of the Earth. It is intriguing to see the length at which the governments/organizations have gone to protect these places.

1. Federal Reserve Bank, New York


The name shouts security. The federal reserve bank contains 25% of the world’s gold deposits and due to the value of gold to the national currency, the place is heavily guarded. The deposit itself is located eighty-five meters below the surface safe from nuclear and chemical bombardment.

2. The Green Brier


This famous resort sprawling an astonishing 6500 acres is home to another terribly kept secret; It has a huge underground bunker with a 25 ton TNT blast door capable of withstanding air and nuclear attacks. It was built as a refuge for US congressmen in the wake of a nuclear crisis.

3. Area 51


Located in Nevada, Area 51 is the US Air Force’s top-secret research facility. It is rumored to conduct secret aerospace experiments. The place is also rumored to have an alien presence but trust me; you will be treated like one if you go there unannounced.

4. Mormon Church’s Secret Vaults


Mormons are a secretive group and so much that their historical records and genealogical data has been saved in these high-security vaults in Utah back in 1962. They include thermal sensing and personnel radars in their security arsenal. What could they be possibly storing here?

5. The Tumen River


Tumen river flows between North Korea and Russia. It would have been a beautiful sightseeing places if it hadn’t been for that acres of barbed wires and bridge constructed in between. The whole area is full of tension as a result. So, defections aren’t treated kindly by either party it seems.

6. Fort Knox


No list of high-security places is complete without the mention of Fort Knox. Housing a 22-ton blast door, it has thousands and thousands of tons of gold stored in its underground vaults. But even more importantly, it stores some of the most secretive documents dating back centuries. It once housed Magna Carta as well as the declaration of independence at one point.

7. Korean Demilitarized Border


The 160-mile border between the communist and republican sides of Korea was considered to be the heaviest guarded border in the world. With massive concentrations of infantry, armor, and artillery on both sides, it was the a constant source of attention of the world leaders due to the continued unease between the two countries. Now it has almost become a nature preserve, oh the irony!

8. Bold Lane Car Park


A car park? Seriously? Yes, it is. Dubbed “the safest car parking in the world”, it has security cameras, park buttons, and a complete lockdown option if any sign of theft appears.

9. Cheyenne Mountain


Complete with tunnels of reinforced concrete and solid granite walls, the Cheyenne Mountain was once host to the US Space Command and Air Defence Command. The complex labyrinth of bomb proofed tunnels and walls make this place a thoroughly forgettable one if one was ever lost.

10. USP Florence Admax


The highest security prison houses some of the deadliest criminals and enemies of the State. Located in Colorado, the place has ben compared to living hell by any inmate fortunate enough to survive it.



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