These Are The 10 Craziest Buildings Ever Built

top ten craziest buildings in the world2

Some people have a knack for getting crazy things done. The rest of us just dream of making crazy things happen but rarely are there any people who have the tendency to actually turn it into reality. Here are ten of the craziest, most insane buildings every built around the world:

1. Longaberger Headquarters, Ohio USA

top ten craziest buildings in the world10

This picnic basket shaped building in Ohio is from Longaberger, the biggest manufacturer of handmade maple baskets in the world. The building itself was modeled around its bestselling basket taking crazy architecture to a whole new level. Yogi bear loves this!

2. Kansas City Public Library, Missouri, USA

top ten craziest buildings in the world9

In order to encourage people towards reading and book culture, the parking facade of the Kansas Public library was redesigned to appear like the a huge rack filled with famous works of JRR Tolkien, Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, etc. A very crafty piece of work there!

3. Wonderworks, Florida USA

top ten craziest buildings in the world8

This building appears to be crumbling under pressure and also seems to be unusually lopsided. It was designed in a way to appeal to the inquisitive nature of children and get them interested in science and technology. It houses a science center and an interactive museum for this purpose. Despite not being a kid, I would love to take a trip to this building.

4. Eden Project, Cornwall, UK

top ten craziest buildings in the world7

These bubble-shaped canopies have a very particular purpose apart from looking unusual. They are used to control the weather inside them to house different flora from around the world that couldn’t grow here in normal circumstances. They might present design alternatives to our future housing as well!

5. Nautilus House, Mexico City, Mexico

top ten craziest buildings in the world6

This one of the smaller buildings in the list but definitely as interesting. Made into the shape of a snail, the shell design is unique and bright colors make all of the little building very interesting.

6. Mirador Building, Madrid Spain

top ten craziest buildings in the world5

This building was obviously inspired by tetris and it is clear that the structural engineer was a real expert at making cantilevers. The hole in the middle is used as a playground for the building’s residents. Amazing, isn’t it?

7.  USAF Academy Chapel, Colorado U.S.

top ten craziest buildings in the world4

The cadet chapel of the USAF academy is an amazing structure straight out of Vulcan from Star Trek. Considering it was built in 1962, it totally deserves to be in this list.

8. Nord/LB Office Building, Hanover Germany

top ten craziest buildings in the world3

This amazing building consists of an entire city block. The whirlwind structure has pathways and other areas just poking out from every nook and cranny. It is like it was built by a giant baby who had a rough idea of engineering. The structure surely would have needed a lot of work to be proven safe.

9. Church of Hallgrímur, Reykjavík Iceland

top ten craziest buildings in the world2

This colossal church also looks like stuff alien intelligence would be able to build. It is the largest church in the country and is considered one of the most unique buildings in the world and for good reason!

10. Cube Houses of Rotterdam, Netherlands

top ten craziest buildings in the world

These cubes perched at the top of normal looking buildings are an entirely different anomaly that takes us by surprise. They are residential spaces and the normal looking buildings below fulfill commercial roles. It is somehow meant to resemble a tree. Seriously?

Which one was your favorite? Also do share with us your crazy designs and we will give them recognition over here!

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