These Amazing New Wi-Fi Routers Turn Your Home Network Into A Security Radar

In the arena of home security, a new system from Dutch startup Gamgee leverages existing Wi-Fi networks to detect physical intruders to keep homes safe.

Our homes are packed with invisible Wi-Fi signals that connect our myriad smart devices, from phones to lightbulbs and refrigerators. While we remain oblivious to these signals, our movements disrupt them. Recent research has harnessed specialized algorithms to analyze these disruptions, enabling the detection of people in a room—even through walls—by distinguishing them based on height, body shape, or gait.

Building on this research, Gamgee’s Wi-Fi Home Alarm System utilizes a mesh network of routers to provide robust internet connectivity throughout the house. More importantly, these routers are equipped with algorithms that detect motion, adding a layer of security. The system undergoes a two-week training phase to learn the “body prints” of household members, regular visitors, and even pets. Once trained, it alerts users to unfamiliar movements, specifying the exact location within the home. This feature allows users to label new guests or identify potential intruders. Additionally, the system can monitor the movements of elderly residents, notifying family members in case of a fall.

The system is controlled through an app and can operate continuously or only when the house is unoccupied. Unlike other security systems, it does not require users to carry Wi-Fi-enabled devices, relying instead on the ambient Wi-Fi signals that facilitate everyday tasks like streaming Netflix.

However, the system raises privacy concerns. Gamgee reassures users that all motion data is processed and stored locally on the routers, not in the cloud. However, the ability to review “motion history,” detailing which family members entered which rooms and for how long, may feel intrusive to some people.

Gamgee is presently using Indiegogo to raise money for the Wi-Fi Home Alarm System. Early backers can give €345 ($374) for four routers or €295 (around US$320) for a bundle of three. The shipping may start in January 2025 if the campaign is successful.

Check out the video below to see the system in action:

Source: Indiegogo

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