A One-Of-A-Kind Secret Tesla Roadster R&D Prototype Is For Sale

We are all familiar with the original Tesla Roadster, a Tesla car that revolutionized the EV market. However, there’s a one-of-a-kind Roadster prototype bearing VIN #1124, that has been listed for auction on Cars & Bids, with the auction concluding on July 15th at 10:30 AM PDT.

This rare Roadster by Jamison Cummings, Tesla’s Chief Technician during the Roadster era has a story that involves some of Tesla’s key figures. Originally purchased from Tesla in 2012, the car was damaged in an accident and subsequently reacquired by Tesla. Joost de Vries, then Tesla’s VP of Service, took ownership and spearheaded its repair and enhancement under the guidance of Carl Medlock, Tesla’s Seattle service manager at the time. Medlock, who now co-owns the car with Cummings, operates one of the few third-party Roadster repair shops in the US, Medlock and Sons.

De Vries intended to build a performance package for the Roadster after it was repaired to build a successful service model. Inspired by this idea, a prototype was created and given the names “Roadster RR” and “Roadster E-Sport.” Although this package never reached the public due to leadership changes within Tesla, the prototype boasts an impressive array of custom modifications. These include Tarox Italian Performance Brakes on both the front and rear, making it one of only three cars equipped with this system.

Moreover, the prototype features a custom ABS Flash, engineered to integrate seamlessly with the Tarox Braking System, again unique to three cars. It includes a Hollinger Limited Slip Differential, customized for EV torque and one of only two in existence.

Additionally, it is equipped with a Custom Tuned Bilstein Performance Sport Suspension, the sole unit of its kind, and a custom Roadster RR camber plates and handling package. Perhaps most striking is its hand-laid raw carbon bodywork, making it the only Roadster with visible carbon fibre across the entire body, except for the plastic bumpers.

The proposed package, priced at $30,000, included several performance upgrades. Unfortunately, due to changes in Tesla’s leadership, the project was halted.

Despite its prototype status, the car holds a unique place as a “factory-customized” Roadster. While it didn’t leave the factory with these modifications, the work was carried out under Tesla’s oversight, intended as an official upgrade package. The project had its controversies, including accusations of overspending, and ultimately, the package was never publicly offered.

After changing hands, the Roadster was acquired by Cummings and Medlock in 2022. With its original battery dead, the car was fitted with a new “Roadster 3.0” 80kWh pack and has since driven less than 100 miles on this new battery, contributing to a total mileage of approximately 31,600 miles.

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