These AI-Generated Human Pictures Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Artificial Intelligence can do wonders. The tasks it could do involve practicing law, painting valuable paintings, writing songs, and a lot of others that we might not even know.

Amazingly all mentioned above would seem something regular knowing that AI can even make human-faces that never even existed; they look so real that you might feel like meeting some of them.

Do you see the women in the picture above? She is beautiful, and she looks happy too. It seems like she got to hear some good news and might have felt taking this pretty picture while the shades are on.

What if I tell you that such a face never existed, and it’s as fake as it could get? You must have taken another look after reading this; believe me, she is not alive; neither she ever died; she is just a computer-generated image created with the help of using AI.

The only place where she exists is on your computer screen or in someone’s storage disc, but not in reality! This might have given you some existential crisis.

It must be a bit creepy to have a look at the one above! I apologize if you’ve freaked out a little as it couldn’t get any closer to what a real human face looks like.

Look at this one, as it gets better, the more we question if we are being fooled and get into thinking if these are real images, although I assure you they are not.

And she isn’t real either. However, I suppose AI was in some Korean mode while bringing out the one above.

My point here is that AI is such a professional in putting together faces and recognizing features with impressive attention to details that you wouldn’t be able to tell if someone is real or is just appearing on your screen.

What do you think of her? Is she real and a breathing individual or someone designed by AI? I’ll kill your curiosity as this girl is a-hundred-percent real. Just scroll up a bit and try to see the difference by comparing it to a face picture created by AI. If you get to a conclusion on how to trace amongst the real and fake faces, do me a favor and tell me too as I don’t know if which one is the natural and which one lies in the world of fantasies.

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