Engineer Creates A.I. Jesus Based Only On The Teachings Of King James Bible


An artificial intelligence engineer has created a fascinating algorithm, and it has been taught the human language by reading only the bible and is now tossing forbidding prophecies based on the Holy Book.

The algorithm is entirely based on the King James Bible. It has been created by George Davila Durendal, who is a childhood coding genius and now an AI engineer and entrepreneur. He recently released his most absurd creation to date.

The software is a Boltzmannian natural language processing model that has been termed by Durendal as the AI clone of Jesus and tries to copy the style of the King James Bible without literally copying it. AI Jesus has so far churned some very obnoxious and meaningless prophecies. It is designed to produce a writing on three various topics- “The Plague,” “Caesar,” and “The End of Days,” utilizing the language of the Bible.

One of the prophecies created by AI Jesus is as follows: “The Plague shall be the fathers in the world; and the same is my people, that he may be more abundant in the mouth of the LORD of hosts.”

Another saying is, “And he shall come against him, and said, As the LORD liveth, that he might be fulfilled which was spoken. He said, Thou are the spirit of your good works that ye have not seen, nor anything of the service thereof, and a certain censer, and the sin offering, and the posts thereof were displeased with the dead from her father’s house.”

The randomness and errors of the phrases created add to the artistic appeal of AI Jesus is what Durendal himself believes in. The recent works are less odd and accidental, but they still miss the artistic aesthetic and divinatory prose of the writing mentioned above. Durendal was quoted saying, ‘That you can either have a creative model that takes artistic liberties and have errors or have a boring simple yet technically accurate prose, but never both.’

George Davilla Durendal has published over 60,000 words composed by AI Jesus on his GitHub page. You can read his recent works on topics such as ‘Greeks,’ ‘Blood’ and ‘Wisdom’ there.

“We know ‘if God created Man or Man created God’ is an eternal debate. But what surely is not debatable is Man’s creation of A.I. Jesus. Even though many thousands of years from now, people and robots alike will pour over these texts as they do holy books today,” Durrendal wrote in a blog post. At the very least, it’s an exciting way to either make your relatives awe, or we don’t know if terrifies them this holiday season….”

Durendal stated in a blog post, ‘Whether or not God created Man or Man created God will forever be an ongoing topic of debate. But what can be undoubtedly said is that Man did create the AI Jesus and the upcoming generations many years from now might go through it and rely on its texts just like they go through Holy Books currently.’ If not that, then at least they will be able to scare or shock your family and friends over dinner during the upcoming holiday season.


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