These 6-Figure Salary Jobs Could Soon Be Replaced By ChatGPT


A new generation of artificial intelligence, according to experts, has the potential to replace white-collar professions ranging from highly-paid doctors and management consultants to home tutors.

ChatGPT technology is more complex than earlier generations of AI, capable of reading hundreds of pages of text and producing fascinating and colorful summaries in the same way that humans do.

University students may be able to use it to create an essay instead of researching it. This new technology can answer difficult inquiries, receive voice commands, and produce reports in a human-like manner.

Here are some six-figure jobs that could potentially be replaced by ChatGPT soon.

  1. Customer Service Representative: ChatGPT has already been trained to handle basic customer services inquiries, such as answering questions about products, services, and account management. This could eventually lead to the elimination of customer service representative positions.
  2. Technical Writer: ChatGPT can generate written content with high accuracy and speed, making it a potential threat to technical writer positions.
  3. Market Researcher: ChatGPT can quickly analyze and process large amounts of data, making it well-suited for market research tasks. This could lead to the replacement of market researchers.
  4. Translator: ChatGPT has been trained in multiple languages and can quickly translate written content. This makes it a potential threat to translator jobs.
  5. Financial Analyst: ChatGPT can analyze financial data and make predictions about market trends, making it a potential threat to financial analyst positions.
  6. Legal Researcher: ChatGPT has been trained on legal documents and can quickly search for relevant information, making it a potential threat to legal researcher positions.
  7. Basic journalism: ChatGPT can compile sports reports and condense stock market movements into a readable summary.

Bill Gates, the millionaire co-founder of Microsoft, is visiting Australia and has stated that artificial intelligence has the potential to replace white-collar industries such as teaching and medicine. “It will be able to tutor kids and give medical advice, but it won’t match humans—not in the fullest sense of human personality,” he said.

Emeritus Professor Roy Green, a special innovation adviser at the University of Technology Sydney, warned that as jobs were automated, AI could be abused.”That puts a big emphasis on how we retrain our workforce and how we adapt to those new technologies so that we become the masters of the technology, not the servants,” he told the Daily Mail Australia. “We will see new jobs emerge, but they will be very different from anything we’ve seen in the past, in association with other jobs disappearing.”

It is important to note that while ChatGPT has the potential to replace these jobs, that does not necessarily mean that all positions in these fields will become obsolete. Some tasks may still require human intervention, and there may also be new job opportunities created by the rise of AI technology. Regardless, it is crucial for workers in these fields to stay current with technology and be open to reskilling to remain competitive in the job market.


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