These 360 Reality Audio Speakers By Sony Can Bring The Concert To Your Room

Sony has brought its most advanced speaker and it might be the only thing your home is missing. It is a 360 Reality Audio Technology with the best service you can get from a smart speaker. Sony’s SRS-RA5000 360 Reality Audio Speaker makes you feel like the voices are not coming through a device, but you are hearing them directly.

The company always finds a way to stay ahead of the competition the 360 Reality Audio Technology which means that the sound sources are separately placed on a 360 sphere that surrounds you and creates a recognizable immersive sound experience.

It has three-dimensional sound location data to cover the entire room with its sound. Sony uses an algorithm, Immersive Audio Enhancement, that helps you deliver any track you want providing ambient room-filling sounds. Also, there is sound calibration software that sets the music up to fill up the room.

Sony 360 Reality Audio Speaker: A Live Concert at Home

There are three vertically and three horizontally placed speakers. A subwoofer is placed at the very bottom to provide rich and deep bass sounds.

The model gets connected with Bluetooth. It has a built-in Chromecast and Spotify connect as well.

It can also be added to a speaker group on Google App to play different songs in each room or to fill the house with some music. You can also control it by your voice through another Alexa-built-in or Google Assistant built-in device.

Sony 360 Reality Audio Speaker: A Live Concert at Home

The volume level is kept on safe mode, and it can also adjust the volume according to the sound being played. The device can also be connected to the TV to amplify the sound.

Sony’s speaker has taken over the speaker market and if anyone wants a whole experience of high quality and 3D sound, this is the one for them.

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