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These 18 Maps Will Change How You See The World

Maps aren’t always boring and monotonous, Check out this list of maps that will change how you perceive the world.

18. Results of a survey asking the world who they see as the biggest threat to world peace.

17. Most popular website in each country.

16. Countries by number of internet users.

15. The Ortelius World Map (1564), the first map by Abraham Ortelius, creator of the first modern atlas.

14. Most popular sports around the world.

13. The Mercator projection, 1569.

12. Where you’d end up if you dug straight down to the other side of the Earth.

11. World from 1154.

10. Prevailing religions in countries around the world.

9. World as seen by the Ottoman Empire in 1803.

8. How big each country would be if it were in proportion with its population.

7. Population density around the world.

6. Every city in the world with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

There are 4,037 of them.

5. How the official time and the solar time differs around the world.

4. World in 43 AD: a reprint of one drawn by Pomponius Mela, a Roman scholar credited as the father of geography.

Reconstructed in 1898 by Konrad Miller.

3. Imperial Japan in 1853, centering on Tokyo.

2. How common blonde hair is around the world.

1. Homicide rates around the world.