Google Maps Will Now Help You Navigate Wheelchair Accessible Routes

google maps

Google Maps keeps getting better with time. Its utility has expanded even further with a new feature which is built specifically to help the wheelchair users to better navigate public transit routes. Presence of several escalators and stairs at trains and bus stations means that navigating through these transportation hubs is not easy for those who use wheelchairs. Many of these places have access ramps installed for such users. Having a map of these routes can make it easier for the wheelchair users to map out their route before they leave home.

Users can find the wheelchair accessible routes in the Google Maps app by putting in their destination and then hit the “Options” button. After that select the “Wheelchair accessible” toggle. Google Maps then show the routes that can take the user through the transit centers which are properly equipped for their mobility needs.

Google points out that this feature can be handy not for the wheelchair user but with anyone with limited mobility, no matter if it’s because of an injury, age or a baby stroller. From today, the feature will be available in London, New York, Tokyo, Mexico City, Boston, and Sydney. Google says that it will work with the transit agencies to bring more routes in the Maps.


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