Guy Makes An Accurate Model Of Midtown Manhattan Out Of Old Computer Parts

An artist from Zimbabwe, Zayd Menk, has spent three months to build a 0.0635: 100 scale model of Midtown Manhattan using discarded computer components. The 17-years old artist made the school project using 263 hot glue sticks, 27 motherboards, 11 CPUs, 10 CRT monitor motherboards, 18 RAM sticks, 15 batteries, 12 Nokia E-series phones, 7 power supplies, 4 watches, 4 audio cards, 3 hard drives, 2 telephones and various other components.


He has created a very accurate version of Manhattan skyscrapers and buildings. To complete his project he spent a lot of time collecting data from the sites like Google Maps, Wikipedia, and Reddit. Then he made calculations to ensure that all the miniatures were scaled properly. Zayd said, “I remember the Bank of America tower took me two days to make, trying to figure out all those different angles.” Zayd used 4 LEDs to light up the Empire State Building. He refers to his art as “recyclism” and described it as “exploring how man-made junk can be used to make art.”

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