Google Maps Is Replacing Arrow Sign With A 3D Car Icon

google maps

The new feature launched by Google Maps will be available for users having iOS devices. Using this feature, a user can choose a 3D vehicle on the navigation map which closely resembles your driving vehicle. The company announced the new update in its latest press release and said that the users will be able to “customize” their car icon. According to the post, the iOS users can select from the three available vehicles from “a stylish sedan”, “a timeless pickup truck”, and “a speedy SUV”.

To pick the new vehicle, users will be required to tap on the arrow during the driving navigation mode and select the type of vehicle that they want to appear in the map. The blue vehicle icon is only available in the driving navigation mode. This is not the first time when Google Maps has introduced a feature to change the blue arrow icon. Previously, the also introduced Mario Cart on Mario’s day on 21st March 2018. The feature is so far not available to Android devices but it is expected to launch soon.

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