12 Easy DIY Home Repairs That Will Save You A Lot Of Money

If you always have to call a handyman to do the necessary repairs in your home, well that is about to change. With the following simple hacks, you can repair your home all by yourself, and save the money as well.

1. Fix the Scratched Floors

All it needs is a stick through a small opening easily made with a knife and voila. The new instrument is capable of making your scratched linoleum floors or tiles brand new.

Credits: Pinterest
2. Say bye to the Pressure Marks on Carpet

Add Ice cubes to the carpet at places where a table has left the fabric of the carpet dented. Soaked fabric can be later fixed using spoons.

Credits: WonderHowTo
3. Fix your Stuck Drawers

If you struggle with drawers that stick, then struggle no more. A bar of soap or hard wax rubbed around the corners of the drawer can make their movement smooth.

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4. Unclog a Showerhead

The shower head can easily be unscrewed if you cannot tie a plastic bag on the shower head. The showerhead should be soaked in vinegar overnight. Rinse in the morning and screw it back on.

Credits: Rooang
5. Save money by not buying Philips Screwdriver
Credits: Total Lifestyle Builders


6. Fix a Kinked Toilet Tank Chain

If the Toilet tank chain is getting kinked, making your toilet run all the time, Use a straw over it to keep it straight.

Credits: Family Handyman
7. Fix a Hole or a Crack in the Wall

A mixture of crazy glue and baking soda can fill up the holes or cracks in your wall. The mixture quickly dries into a plastic-like substance, hence work quickly. The excess can be filed down or sanded, once dry.

Credits: Bob Vila


8. Fix a Clogged Toilet

The toilet blockage can be lubricated to be slid away by pouring Liquid Soap into the toilet. Let it sit before flushing.

Credits: Pinterest
9. Fix Rust on Loose Screws

A dab of vinegar will fix the rusty screws and it will not be loose this time.

Credits: Keywordsuggests


10. Fix your Squeaky Doors

Petroleum jelly will help you with your squeaky doors, just apply some on the hinges.

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11. Remove Oil stains from the garage

In your driveway, there are ought to be those Oil stains that you desperately want to remove. Put some Kitty litter on the stain and leave it be for 15 minutes or so. Crush it then with your shoes. Lastly, scrub with some detergent and rinse.

Credits: Molly Maid blog


12. Remove Water Stains on Ceiling

Some bleach can take-off that water stain on your ceiling.

Credits: Today’s Homeowner

There you have it. Get ready for people asking you to fix everything for them.

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