There Is A Real Life Jurassic Park In Australia Where You Can Go Now

Palmersaurus Dinosaur Park entrance

Palmersaurus Dinosaur Park 4 Palmersaurus Dinosaur Park 3Who doesn’t remember the famous Jurassic Park trilogy? We all were quite fascinated by it back then. Well, apparently there is one wealthy guy who was impressed by Jurassic Park more than us and decided to do something about it. Having a lot of cash certainly helped and what he did was something similar to the movies actually. Yes, Clive Palmer really built a Jurassic park that is located in Australia and known as Palmersaurus Dinosaur Park.

Palmersaurus Dinosaur Park 5The park has a total of 160 full size, life like dinosaurs which are capable of exhibiting movements just like real dinosaurs. According to General Manager of the park, Bill Schoch; ‘They will go through their routine moves and entertain and thrill you.’ He also said; ‘the park will be a family entertainment area that will put smiles on lots of faces.’

Palmersaurus Dinosaur Park 6 Palmersaurus Dinosaur Park 7The technical word for the dinosaurs over there is animatronic and these dinosaurs are capable of moving, blinking, roaring and being Dinosaurs, look super cool. These dinosaurs are more than just models; they range from 8 to 72 ft in length and some of them are about 33 ft high. They include the famous dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptors, Triceratops and Brachiosaurus and some less appreciated and renowned dinosaurs such as Demetrodons and an Ankylosaur. You can also spot Pterodactylus soaring in the skies.

Palmersaurus Dinosaur ParkIt is a wonderful place to visit as long as things don’t turn out like they did in the movie. You’ll be in for a bumpy ride if they did go south.

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