Store In London Introduces Drive Through Shopping Concept

Future of Shopping – Click&Collect 3

Future of Shopping – Click&Collect 2We all hate standing in lines especially at a shopping mall waiting for our turn at the counter. It is actually infuriating, the whole process, starting from list of items, searching for items and finally carrying them to the counter where a dreadful queue is waiting for you. The next problem with this routine is the fact that if you forget something, you’ll have to get in line again before your bill gets cleared.

Future of Shopping – Click&Collect 4What adds to the pressure is the well known fact that the shopping season is upon us and the month which is to follow is the month of festive shopping. However, an ingenious method has been introduced by Selfridges that is bound to kick off and gain popularity soon enough. This new shopping methodology just what we need. This departmental store located in London has launched its new methodology by the name of; ‘Click&Collect’. This service allows its users to place their orders online, select the branch from where they want it and pick it up the following day. This allows for great flexibility and convenience at user’s end.

Future of Shopping – Click&CollectThis service is free of charge and all that you are required to show is the printout of the order placement email sent by the store or the actual email itself. Such ease and convenience for users, free of charge, is sure to kick off and is a great initiative by the store. In future, we might see other stores also following suit and offering drive through shopping!

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