The World’s Largest Electrolyser Has Arrived In Norway – And It Will Scale Up Green Energy Projects

Norwegian HydrogenPro is a provider of solutions for producing, storing, and distributing hydrogen from renewable energy sources. It has allegedly received the world’s largest electrolyzer at its test facility at Herøya.

The electrolyzer was manufactured at HydrogenPro’s factory in Tianjin, China. It arrived at the Herøya test facility on 10 September, serving as a milestone in the company’s history.

“This project is a critical milestone for large, green hydrogen projects. It requires substantial planning, rigging, and the right equipment. This project is important to facilitate larger, green hydrogen projects, reducing carbon footprints and costs”, said HydrogenPro’s CPO Karoline Aafos.

According to Erik Christian Bolstad who is the company’s CCO, the plant results will help optimize HydrogenPro’s delivery to one of the world’s largest factories for green hydrogen.

The electrolyzer is estimated to have an output of 1100 Nm3/h hydrogen at normal current density. This is equal to 100 kg of pure hydrogen per hour. It is a huge number and will set a new standard for the industry, the company claims.

The objective of the test is to verify that the electrolyzer produces the expected amount of gas per unit of time. During the test, HydrogenPro will use fluctuating electricity input from renewable energy sources and test many other parameters.

The electrolyzer will be assembled and installed in the upcoming weeks, with the validation process initiated when possible.

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