The U.S Air Force Is Preparing To Unveil Its Secret New Space Weapon – This Is What It Could Be

After groundbreaking and amazing innovations that occurred in space organizations, new technology has made its way into the industry. Scientists and researchers have talked about space colonization, space traveling, and space tourism already. Now, there is an addition to this list of space-associated operations which is space weapons.

The weapon is owned by the US, and it was a secret and hidden object until now. Currently, planning is being done for its reveal. The weapon is being called the ‘black weapon’ and was waiting for the right time to be disclosed. The report was given by a Breaking Defense exclusive.

The orders have to be signed by the Air Force leadership and President Joe Biden first. The program was kept as confidential as it could be. There was a Special Access Program made just for this and only selective senior officials from the US were intimated about it. It is being claimed that the reveal of the weapon will exhibit a real-world demonstration of an active defense capability to degrade or destroy a target satellite and/or spacecraft.

It is not like this is the first weapon in this sector. The US military already has weapons that can cater to space invasions or machines. They are called anti-space weapons. They have machines like the SM-3, a missile designed to shoot down incoming ballistic missile warheads. This proved useful in 2008 when the Navy used an SM-3 to destroy USA-193, a non-functioning U.S. National Reconnaissance Office spy satellite trapped in a decaying orbit.

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The U.S. Army’s Ground-Based Interceptor has an anti-satellite capability. Moreover, the U.S. Space Force has the Counter Communication System, a truck-based jammer designed to prevent enemy forces from accessing their own communications and navigation satellites. Reports say that the information is not revealed yet because of the Afghan crisis.

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