The Sun Can Power Whole Of The Civilization, Tweets Elon Musk

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk announced on twitter that the sun has infinite energy and it can serve as a power source for all civilization.

Musk is of the view that the whole of the Earth’s population could be powered by solar energy. All we need to find is a way to secure the Sun’s four million tons of mass-produced energy swiftly into storable and usable energy.

The multi-billionaire has been sharing his opinions relevant to solar energy on Twitter for quite a time now. And how it could benefit the man-kind at large. Tesla is on its way to shift the world towards renewable energy as it is already offering solar power systems for roofs and major power households.

Elon Musk and solar power

Musk’s love for solar energy continues as he lately responded to a tweet of another Twitter user on how solar is the cheapest of all, even less costly than coal and gas produced energy in most of the countries.

Elon’s response to the tweet was that a free fusion reactor in the sky easily transforms 4 million tons of mass into energy each second. All we need is to catch a small portion of it to power the whole civilization.

As mentioned earlier, solar isn’t some new interest for Tesla. Musk’s believes relating to solar energy and its unseen benefits are pretty strong already. The company is offering roof solar panels that are a lot different in appearance than the regular ones. They are actually outperforming other options too!

Tesla has proven its grounds in the solar energy business after its mega battery projects success in Australia. The first one proved fruitful, which resulted in Tesla building another one three times the initial one’s capacity. It is running numerous other solar energy-relevant projects. Another example is Tesla’s gigantic solar power plant on the island of Kauai in Hawaii.

Elon’s latest tweet has seen some interesting responses, where some have involved religion and God’s choice in the matter. Others understand Musk’s perspective and approving the idea, however, many questions were raised regarding the kind of means it would require to create such a powerful system. And even if we have such means, to begin with?

The tech would aid generations to come only if Mr.Musk is not living in some sci-fi in his head, and if it really becomes true!

People who believe are using the opportunity to let Musk know they’re still looking forward to their short shorts’ order:

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