Chinese Relocate 85-Year-Old Building Using Hundreds Of Robotic Legs

The five-story building has a T-shape, which means it could not be moved by flatbeds or slide rails.

Have you ever thought of how the whole building is moved? The conventional methods include slide rails or flatbeds, but what to do if the building has a strange and complex shape?

In Shanghai, China, engineers faced such a question when they had to move a T-shaped eighty-five-year-old primary school building. The Lagena primary school building was built back in 1935 and had to be relocated for the construction of a commercial center.

The conventional built was even heavier, given today’s standard weight of a building of the same size as Lagena school. And made this move even more complicated, given an already significant hurdle relevant to its shape.

The engineers responsible for the move came up with a remarkable solution, and it was none else other than walking the building to its new location.

200 specialized devices were used underneath the building to make this move possible; the work continued for 18 days. These machines acted like robotic legs, step by step, lifting and dropping the school up and down.

The video is as amazing as the whole project sounds. Fast-forwarding makes it look as if the building is walking on its own in some miraculous way.

Engineers behind the project must have some real motivation to make this move; hence, they came up with such an amazing and creative idea. The video below shows how things we never thought are possible now with the evolving technology.

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