The Seats Of This Movie Theatre Have Been Replaced With Cozy Beds

In bed with Ikea

Let’s kick off with a question: If you had a home theatre, would you still go to the theater to watch a movie? Chances are you will wait for the Blu-ray version of it and watch it in the comfort of your home. What if we told you that IKEA has remodeled a movie theater so that you can watch movies in comfortable beds? Yes, beds!IKEA Transforms a Movie Theatre

This project was carried out by IKEA as part of the Wake Up Love campaign. IKEA remodeled the movie theatre located in Khimki, Russia. All the conventional seats were replaced with large and comfortable beds along with sheets, pillows, comforters and the trimmings you find on the IKEA show floor. For those who are not interested in lying down while watching a movie, armchairs and coffee tables have been set up as well.IKEA Transforms a Movie Theatre 2 IKEA Transforms a Movie Theatre 3

Consumers were totally surprised when they were taken to the theater, completely transformed. However, if you look at it analytically, you would realize that IKEA would need a maintenance crew on duty as well. You wouldn’t want to go lie down in a dirty bed now, would you?


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