See What Your Heart Goes Through While Proposing Someone For Marriage

Marriage Proposal and Science 2

A lot of you must have proposed someone for marriage in your life. While you experienced it, didn’t it feel like you were running a marathon? That loud thumping in your chest – kind of like the stupid heart getting ready to leap out of your chest. Is that literally true or is just a psychological state? The surge of excitement and anticipation is clearly visible on your face but what happens to the feeble heart?
Marriage Proposal and Science 3

Redditor sesipikai decided to monitor his heart rate prior to, during and once the speech was over. Yes, it can be called as the “Nerdiest Marriage Proposal Ever!” Anyhow, the graph below will explain what happens.

Heart rate (BMP) while he was proposing for marriage.Marriage Proposal and Science

Before – During – After.Marriage Proposal and Science 2

Apparently, this guy ran a marathon, hopped a skipping rope followed by a boxing bout. We knew proposing for marriage was hard but this is really hard. In a nutshell, marriage proposal is not for the weak of heart! (Disclaimer: This isn’t to discourage those who are planning to propose someone!)

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