The Right Type Of Garage Door Opener For You

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One of the most important parts of a garage is its opener. It unseals the passageway going through your garages. It may be a nuisance but picking the wrong type of garage door opener may lead you to frequent reinstallation.

A lot of types of garage door openers are out in the market and we will help you choose wisely. Below are some of the types of garage door openers depending on your needs and preferences. After choosing the best garage door opener with you, you can perform some additional DIY creations to enhance the whole look. 

 1.     Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

It is the oldest type of garage door opener. Some may think that installing this type of garage door opener seems quite old fashioned. But even up to this day, plenty of houses are still armed with this type of opener.

Also, other manufacturers such as canadian garage door repair Calgary managed to integrate modern technology with this old-style type of garage door opener. This type of opener operates by using a chain similar to that of a bicycle. It stretches when you try to shut the door and tends to be bendy as the door opens.

Even though it is one of the oldest types of gate openers, many people still choose to install it. Some of the common reasons why is because of its reliability and durability. It is also cheaper than other types, so if you want to save some of your pocket money this one is a good choice.

2.     Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Belt drive garage door opener has a similar mechanism to that of a chain drive, except for a wide rubber belt which serves as a replacement of the metal chain. The belt can be activated through a switch, the belt pushes and pulls the trolley upward and downward the track in order to open and close the garage door.

This type is more modern compared to the chain drive type of garage door opener. Due to a lesser number of moving parts, the chance of it breaking down is lower compared to the chain drive type.

This is also a good choice if you are also looking for a quieter garage door opener. This type of opener may be expensive, but due to its low maintenance operation, you can still see the value of your money as time goes by.

3.     Jackshaft (Side mount) Garage Door Opener

The mechanism of this garage door opener is quite different compared to chain drive and belt drive gate openers. In this type of garage door opener, the motor mounts directly to the torsion tube on the side of the overhead sectional door. Once you hit the switch, the motor is activated and the torsion tube lifts and closes the garage door.

If you want your garage door to be aesthetically presentable, this one is highly recommended. Since it is not operated through the use of chains and belts, it could present a cleaner ceiling.

This type of garage door opener is also operated with less noise, making it perfect if you are looking for a silent and presentable type of opener. Like belt drive garage door openers, its initial cost is high but has low maintenance cost as time goes by.

It is also not compatible with all types of garage doors; a defined door is needed when installing this type of opener. It must have the standard torsion tube and 15” radius track or higher.

Choosing the Best Type Of Garage Door Opener

With the three types of garage door openers, it is now easier for you to choose depending on the garage door you have.

You can choose from the cheapest to the one with the highest cost but has low maintenance fees in the future. You could also choose from the quietest, most efficient, and most reliable type. What is best is that you could even consider it if you want your garage door to be aesthetically pleasing.

Added to that, if you are having issues with your garage door openers, it would always be best to ask for the help of those people with full knowledge about installation and repair.

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