Got a New Bike? Read This Before You Take It For A Ride

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Amongst all other hobbies we feel like nurturing, biking is always one notch above. The sheer independence biking provides with, can’t be felt by anything else. When a new bike arrives, there is a strange euphoria to discover the lesser-known roads, to meander across the woods for hours. Clouded in this adrenaline surge, just like any other newbie, you can forget some crucial points to look at before your first ride too. But since you’re here, be at ease because we’ve got your back. You can also read the road bikes guide at BikingBro. Here are a few important things you must take into account before you take your ride.

1)Finding the correct fit:

Time and again, ace cyclists have found it difficult to ride their bikes properly as their bike fit wasn’t appropriate.

Loving your bike’s look or mileage speed is pretty normal, but you can’t do the first thing with it if you don’t know how to adjust yourself.

Make sure you check the saddle height before you start off. Putting your heel on the furthest point of the paddle, clip your feet in. If the knees are slightly bent, and so are your elbows, it is a sign you are getting there. Check whether you can see your front wheel under the handlebars while driving at the tops. If not, you are good to go.

2)Fixing a puncture:

More often than not, you’ll find yourself alone on the road with your new bike in the middle of nowhere. Well, you can’t blame now, you chose it that way. However, what happens if there is a puncture?

First-time bikers find themselves in this fiasco often, where even if they were provided with a tube, or lever they couldn’t do anything out of it.

Chances are you are just like one of them. Therefore, before setting out holidaying with your bike, learn basic ways of fixing a puncture either from that neighbourhood shop of yours, or any biker friend you know of, or simply YouTube it!

3) Curate your cycling kit first:

With every new cycle, there is an urge to buy the entire merchandise of Power Rangers. It’s wrong to disagree with the fact that doing it isn’t fun, but let’s first concentrate on essentials.

Gloves, helmets, cleats, shoes, pedals, and cycling shorts can easily serve the purpose in the initial days.  A sturdy pair of locks, track pumps, a mini pump and a puncture repair kit can save you from some serious problems.

4) Did you get your bike insured? :

Do you know bikes aren’t just our favourite but thieves absolutely love them too. Well, of course not for the same reasons.

Bikes are easiest to steal and hence need more protection. One lock can’t serve that purpose and that is where insurance plays its role. If you are fretful already, here’s the good news: Insuring your bike is less complicated than you think—wondering how?

So, there are two ways you can get your bike insured: with the home insurance, wherein a simple cover is given to all your property which includes bikes. However, they have huge pitfalls as well. Home insurance doesn’t cover theft of bicycles while outside the premises of your home. Accidental damages due to personal causes, while participating in any mega-event etc. aren’t paid for. There are bike-specific companies who offer customised insurance plans according to the convenience of the biker. It may seem like another monthly burden, but when looked at closely it doesn’t just provide 100% coverage to the bike, it includes the liability insurance too.

5)Remember what makes you perfect: Practice:

Biking is a daunting task. You aren’t expected to master it as soon as you get hands on it. Practising some basic techniques while riding through plain terrain can go a long way in building up cycling reflexes.

The front brake is efficient enough to put the cycle at halt, so it is necessary to know how to manage both the front and rear brake rather than randomly grabbing levers.

While ascending up a cliff, remember to keep pedalling. This will maintain the momentum needed for the ascent.

6) Don’t push yourself towards unrealistic goals:

While cycling regularly can keep the body fit and help in weight loss profusely, overdoing it doesn’t give anything more than fatigue. Our muscles need exercise to hypertrophy or tone up but excessive exercise doesn’t let it recover adequately and that can be counterintuitive.

7) Be confident:

Riding a metre away from the edge of the road will help you get around obstacles better and help in overtaking too. Traffic rules need to be followed as well. But none of that is more important than your internal grit to make the best use of this bike without getting disheartened at the smallest impediments. Problems will come and go, but cycling should go on. Congratulations on your new bike! 

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