The New Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept Has A Transparent Bonnet, Gesture Controls And No Door Handles

Land Rover Concept 5

10 years back into the past, wishing for gesture control, projection of data on the windows, navigation directions on the windshield and great performance specs felt as if we were asking for too much. But the current advancement in technology begs to differ. Concept cars are definitely not what they used to be.

Land Rover Concept 5

Recently introduced to the public at the New York International Auto-Show, the Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept is the perfect validation of the fact that high-tech features, like the ability to control the vehicle using hand gestures is far from being just a fantasy anymore thanks to the global economy.

Land Rover Concept 3According to Land Rover’s director of research and technology, Wolfgang Epple, the Discovery vision concept features innovative new features such as allowing the passenger to do things like changing the stereo volume, opening or shutting doors etc with mere hand gestures. But for precautionary purposes, the gesture control feature will not be used for critical functions so the driver wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally parking the car or taking a turn whilst scratching his nose.

Land Rover Concept 2The Discovery Vision Concept’s also features a state of the art display using the entire windshield and all of the windows as display surfaces that updates the user about the car position and its surroundings. Not just that, the head-up display also serves as a navigator and shows information about speed and direction at the corner of the windshield to facilitate the driver. The system is designed to do a lot more than alerting the driver about an approaching pedestrian by outlining the person in red. It also scans the area around the car, keeping the driver informed about the weather as well the road conditions.

Land Rover Concept 4

Could it be any cooler? Yes it can! Because it does other things too. For instance, is the sunlight annoying you? Slide a hand over the window to darken it. Is the gloomy weather not what you need right now? A hand gesture will change the glass roof to give you the display of a bright sunny sky.

Possibly, the most intriguing functions in the vehicle is what is referred to by the designers as the “transparent bonnet.” It superimposes a video image of the road ahead onto the hood or as Brit calls it, the “bonnet,” to make it seem like if it is not actually there. This is especially useful in rough ground where the front of the car makes the path ahead a bit vague especially when descending and ascending steep grades.

Land Rover ConceptAccording to Epple, the key technology for this futuristic display is the lighting technology, which superimposes information onto the glass surfaces making it seem like it is not actually there. So when do we actually see these high-tech specs up and running in vehicles of mass production? Epple answers that question for us. “I assure you, the timeframe is a single digit,” He said.

The Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept is on exhibit at the New York auto show, which is open to the public since the end of April this year. Check out the video below for more details:

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