Stuck With A Dead Car Battery? Here’s How You Can Still Start Your Car

dead car battery

Car batteries need to be replaced every few years depending on the weather conditions, usage and type of battery installed in the car. Some of us linger on with an old battery and end up getting stuck with a dead car battery on a cold morning. In such a case, the options are limited and most of us wish if the car could start one more time so that we could take it to the nearest workshop for battery replacement.

If you are using a wet car battery that can be opened from the top, The good news is that there is a way you can still start your car without the need of another car for jump starting. All you need are two tablets of aspirin, a well known medicine that is commonly available and used for treating Fever and Pain.

lead acid battery

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Open the hood of your car and locate the battery.

2. Open the filler cap for each cell.

3. Divide the two aspirin tablets in equal parts and drop each piece in the cell filler holes. Make sure every hole gets a piece of Aspirin tablet.

4. Close the filler caps of the battery and close the lid.

5. Immediately start the car and don’t wait around. The battery will have enough juice to start the car for one more time.

Now you can head to the nearest workshop and get your battery changed. Its always handy to keep tablets of aspirin in your car just in case you get stuck with a similar situation at some remote location where help is hard to come by.

P.S It is important to mention that this method works only onceĀ and this effects the life of the battery. So if your battery is new and simply discharged, you should avoid this method.




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    • Jason Reply

      Uummmm.?!??!!? Is it just me or does this comment make absolutely no sense? Maybe I am having a stroke or accidentally took some really good drugs cuz the words just aren’t computing. Anyway, this was very helpful, I have a dead battery and am about to try this out. Hope it works!

  2. Car Batteries Reply

    As you point out this method sometimes works if you haven’t got a sealed battery, but also make sure that all lights, heaters, radio etc are turned off so nothing is draining power as you try to start. If It doesn’t work you can always try to find a mobile battery replacement company

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