The ‘Marina’ At The New F1 Track In Miami Looks Like It’s Full Of Water – But Actually Doesn’t Have Any

The most stimulating and thrill-seeking adventure is waiting for racing enthusiasts, and that too, in Miami. The Miami International Speedway will witness it’s first-ever Formula 1 race of the 2022 World Championship this weekend. But things aren’t the way they seem. The first appearance of this track has left the viewers flabbergasted. The eagle-eyed fans have uncovered a plot in which they reveal that the water in the Monaco-styled yacht marina is fake. The pictures came as a bolt from the blue for the F1 fans, and they quickly found the defect in this marina. It appears that the water is actually stimulated on the ground through the use of graphics and virtual reality, and people can stand, walk, and run on it as well. It feels like the fans are not happy with that as they have spent a huge amount of money to cherish this nail-biting show, but the fake water has melted down their spirits.

Sky Sports wrote in a tweet, “The lovely turquoise waters surrounding the fake marina are—drum roll, please—fake! I shouldn’t be surprised considering it’s a manmade feature on a track-built miles away from the coastline, but somehow, I am. I hope no one gets drunk enough over the weekend to dive off the dock, because that’s going to hurt”. Fans are very disappointed with this situation and it looks as if it has dropped a bombshell on social media as everyone is talking about it. One of the fans wrote, “As an American F1 fan who has been an F1 fan for many years, I’m sorry. I’m truly excited to see more races on my side of the world, as it’s been practically impossible for me to go in the past and Vegas will be kind of close, but this is… this is sad. This does not represent us.”

Despite this, some fans don’t mind this fake water and it’s all right with them. Maybe, this is how the wind blows. One of such fans wrote, “I literally do not understand the problem people have with it.” Something Miami is doing differently does not affect F1 at all in any way. It feels like people are just nit-picking at irrelevant things. “Looks cool in my opinion.”

Miami promoter reacts to social media fuss over fake marina | RacingNews365

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