The Largest Structures In The Universe Have Started To Spin – No One Knows Why

The cosmic web, an inexplicably vast and mysterious composition of strands linking up the far-flung galaxies, has been observed to be spinning, a team of scientists recently revealed.  

A research paper was published on Monday in the journal Nature Astronomy, and it left scientists and astrologists astonished as the cosmic filaments known to be the largest ever structures in the whole wide universe are rotating around their central axis like gigantic drills, and such a rotation of cosmic filaments has never been seen before. Unfortunately, this is all the scientists could observe, as reported by The team of researchers has no idea why the filaments started to spin or what force could have been powerful enough to set them in motion.

“We’re not really sure what can cause a torque on this scale,” study coauthor Noam Libeskind told

Big Push

Libeskind, a cosmologist for Germany’s Leibniz Organization for Astronomy Potsdam, further concluded that researchers recently expected that different galaxy clusters, which are moving gradually about their hatchets, were the biggest spinning objects in space. Keeping in mind that motion is quite customary when it comes to space in smaller dimensions. But as these filaments tend to be gigantic in size, there is still no evidence of them spinning about in the big bang.

“Cosmic filaments are structures so vast that entire galaxies are just specks of dust,” Libeskind told “These huge filaments are much, much bigger than clusters.”

Some filaments are spinning while others are static, leaving the human mind bewildered, making it even tougher for scientists to look for the possible cause and impact of such a rare rotation., however, gave justification to the present situation, saying that the filaments, due to their gravitational drag swept and compressed all gases and dust that were in close proximity creating momentum in space, but that’s just a mere supposition to support the idea.

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