The Is The World’s Narrowest House – And It Was Built Out Of Spite

Tucked away in the charming town of Petralia Sottana, in the heart of Sicily’s magnificent Madonie mountains, is an odd sight that attracts tourists worldwide. Take a look at Casa du Currivu, also known as the “House of Spite,” a building whose unique narrow frame and fascinating backstory challenge convention.

With its narrow top level only one meter wide, this two-story wonder piques people’s curiosity and inspires stories of rivalries and resentment.

The history of Casa du Currivu is lost in detail. However, it is reported that the strange house was built in the 1950s due to a dispute between two neighbors. The neighbors next door had to approve before homeowners could expand their vertical living area by adding a floor, as was typical in those days. In this case, the owner of Casa du Currivu decided to seek revenge after losing a neighbor’s respect.

Building a second story adjacent to an existing building required approval from the neighbors, whereas building at a set distance did not. As a result, the despised owner of Casa du Currivu built the thinnest house to obscure his neighbor’s view, aware that he would never be able to use the floor as a living space.

The inside of the House of Spite is mostly empty. It has nothing inside but a stairwell and a few windows. It was built solely to irritate a neighbor out of spite.

Casa du Currivu is one of Sicily’s most famous structures today and a renowned tourist destination in Petralia Sottana.

Warsaw’s Keret home is the ‘world’s smallest residence.’ It is 36 inches at its narrowest and 4 inches at its broadest.

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