China Is Building An Extraordinary New Airport Shaped Like The Wings Of A Bird

With their most recent project, the Lishui Airport in Zhejiang Province, China, MAD Architects, a firm well-known for its audacious and naturally inspired ideas, is causing quite a stir in the architectural community. This airport, shaped like a massive bird preparing to take off, will not only be a useful hub for travelers but also a beautiful work of art that blends in perfectly with the surrounding landscape.

The airport is situated near the lovely city of Lishui, which is well-known for its valleys and verdant surroundings. The airport roof, which is perched on a mountainous terrain, resembles a bird’s feathers and blends in perfectly with the surrounding mountains. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the airport’s distinctive design aids in its integration with the surrounding environment, helping it to become a revered icon in the area.

Lishui Airport is an engineering marvel that spans an amazing 2,267 hectares of land and has a maximum height difference of about 100 meters. The structure will be about 24 meters tall, with a curved wood inside finish and lots of windows to let in as much natural light as possible.

The airport’s layout is intended to maximize efficiency and facilitate travel. Passengers will find comfortable and relaxing waiting areas above, while departure facilities will be conveniently positioned on the ground floor.

Lishui Airport is built for expansion, despite its current focus as a domestic regional airport with a one million annual passenger throughput projected. By 2030, the airport is expected to be able to handle up to 5 million passengers annually, with the addition of an international terminal possible.

Lishui Airport is expected to grow from a mere entryway into the city to a representation of both environmental harmony and superior architecture thanks to its creative design and dedication to sustainability.

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