This iPhone X With Solar Panels On Back Costs A Whopping $4,500

Caviar is a Russian accessory maker that makes gold iPhone editions. It has released a solar-powered iPhone X which they call iPhone X Tesla. This is even more expensive than the gold engraved iPhone editions and the 64 GB version costs $4,555 whereas the 256GB version has a price of $4,805.

Assuming the solar panels work and the phone is not always in the pocket, this can be really functional. The solar panels on the back of the case help to power up a battery embedded inside of it. The cover is non-removable is mostly filled by the blue panel that charges an external battery. There is a gold button on the case that delivers the charge to the iPhone X’s internal battery when pressed.

(Source: YouTube)

The iPhone X Tesla as evident from the name is inspired by Elon Musk and the phrase Made on Earth by humans” is also present on the case. This is the same line that was present on the Tesla Roadster that was shot into space by Elon Musk a few months ago.

The first model off the assembly line is being given to Elon Musk, which sounds very appropriate. Would you be willing to pay the huge amount to get your hands on one? You can check it out in the video below:


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