The Internet Is Fighting Over Which Way This Bus Is Headed. Can You Answer Correctly?

Can You Tell Which Way The Bus Is Headed

Internet is a bizarre place, no we mean it; it really is. Every now and then you’ll find a brain teaser that will leave you stumped and puzzles and eventually angry. The latest in this charade of mind teasers is the question that was posted by National Geographic. 80% of children under the age of 10 have answered the question within seconds while many adults are simply stumped by the question.

The brain teaser features a bus and the question is that which way is the bus headed? Sounds simple enough, right? We will let you try and work this out for a minute then.Can You Tell Which Way The Bus Is Headed

If you are like the rest of us, you are probably still clueless and staring at the picture. So here’s how the children have solved it (shame on you adults).

  1. Do you see the doors? Nope. That implies the doors are on the other side of the bus.
  2. Since the bus in on the right side of the road then that implies that bus driver is on the left hand side.
  3. Assuming that the bus isn’t a bizarre European make, the bus driver is on the left and the bus is going towards left.

It could be going right if you belong to countries where the drive on the left. Why were children able to guess it right away while it stumped many adults? That’s because children are better at taking in the visual cue that is provided and reaching a final judgement. Whereas, adults take in multiple visual cues and sensory cues before they reach a well thought out judgement.

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