Here Are 12 Oddly Satisfying Engineering Videos On The Internet

Soap in microwave

No, not oddly satisfying videos of cats or sheep crying, but videos of engineering processes and scientific phenomenon have caught our attention. The serene pattern that they are following is singular and quite pleasing to the eye. Here are these processes to feast your eyes on:

1. Machining Chess pieces

It just had to be a Rook, didn’t it? The speeded up process of manufacturing of a chess piece is as elusive as owning a real metallic chess set itself!

2. Making a wooden sphere from a log.

See a timber piece being machined into a sphere. The result is so smooth it doesn’t appear wooden as well.

3. Paper Marbling in Turkey

It is an ancient art form in which patterns are made in liquid form and then imprinted on paper. I could watch it forever!

4. Old Man digging to get clams

Seems an easy job, but it takes quite an amount of vision to locate the clam-containing area.

5. White Blood Cells Chasing Bacterium in Blood

Looks like a car-chase involving a SWAT van and a smart car! The good guys always win here!

6. Soap-in-a-microwave

You probably would have seen this before, but no list of satisfying videos can be complete without this! This bar of soap blossoms into flowery stuff in a microwave.

7. Gravitram

This minute metallic sphere gets accelerated and swivelled entirely on gravity all across this complex structure. Must have taken a neat bit of dynamics to make this masterpiece!

8. Contraption of Lego Balls!

Ah, yes! Here is how Lego balls are contrapted into shape. This huge assembly just for this process. Amazing to witness through the eye.

9. Making Unique pottery

This vase is square at the bottom and round at the top. I believe making any kind of pottery is serene to look, but this is something special!

10. Speed painting a Spiderman

This lightning-fast painting of a spiderman drawing is just incredible. Notice how he takes care of minute details!

11. Steel cutting closeup

We have read the theory of chip formation and machining, but this closeup gives a unique angle to get a better insight.

12. Flow Friction Drilling.

It is how you apply pressure and high-speed from drill bit to make a hole of your requirement. It is a combination of drilling and melting!

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